photos: marcio madeira

alexander mcqueen

theme = 70's über-disco

he showed women's resort '09 together with men's spring '09
again, this was not 1 of my favorite presentations from mcqueen

+ i recently discovered markus jans
--some really great images ---turn your sound on. . .

& have you made a mix tape yet ??
---didn't you all sit by the radio waiting for your songs to come on
---trying to hit the record button at that right moment
---not wanting any part of the commercial or the dj's voice ?!
---(or am i just too old ?)



Loraine said...

yes 2 or 3 buttons at the same time :)

cleolikesyou said...

I like your blog!
so I thought, why not tag you (it's a music thing, check my blog for details)!
change links?

Pravina Studio said...

Ha. I totally remember doing that. It was an art getting the tape to start and stop in just the right spot...

automatism said...

Oh yeah! Totally did that. And yeah, you had to be pretty nimble fingered to get it right on the beginning and end ...