hemp market bag :
this is what i've been knitting for the last 2 1/2 months. . .

i was contacted around christmas by Bon Appetit for a possible feature in the magazine. after sending 4 different color/bag samples, they made their selection, and i am happy to announce that my design is featured in the April issue. i have yet to see it, but i know the subscribers have started receiving their copies in the mail.

i am thrilled, but feel like a hempmarketbagknittingmachine !
(& the ironic part is that i was not going to continue making the bags, because they sat for so long in my shop. . . i'd really rather focus on fashion pieces/accessories)

but, i think they exposure will be amazing
& i look forward to the possiblities that may come with it !
thankyou diane !

update :
here's the blog post

photo #2 :
new colors that will be available soon for pre-order

+ visit my sister-in-law's recently opened bath shop
......i've been using her soaps for years & love them


genevieve said...

Oh, I am such a fan of these bags! Congratulations on the press!

simplyolive said...

thank you genevieve!

automatism said...

That's awesome! Congrats!!!


simplyolive said...

thankyou lori!!

Nora said...

How did I miss this?? Congratulations - and those colours are amazing!

simplyolive said...

thankyou nora!!