sorry for my lack of posting lately

but, i've been busy moving
as i've had some recent developements (all good !)
& have been away from my computer
& my sewing machine
& my knitting needles !

i hope to be back soon. . .



Pravina Studio said...

well this all sounds very exciting!! engaged? congrats! more details coming?

kait said...


arlene & brandon said...

WHAT??! Congratulations!

simplyolive said...

THANKS girls!!!

LeS said...

hmmm...you are teasing us :) can't wait to find out what's happening!

Anonymous said...

yes. it can't be in tiny letters at the bottom or your post. do tell.

Needful Friends ... Miss Holly Golightly said...

have a good move and looking forward to see you back ;O)

Noreen said...

love ur blog! found u through public personae. i'll def be back.