have i really been gone for 2 months ?

a lot has happened. . .
a move to a new city
an engagement
wedding plans
postponed wedding plans
a trip

i hope to be back here more often. . .


Pravina Studio said...

that's funny, i was just checking your blog last night to see if you were back yet!

K said...

Wow! Congratulations Love.
I can't wait to hear the details.

Czina said...

congratulations and good luck in new place!

bkat said...

welcome to America

beyond New York is the West

please visit

missed you

kait said...

Hope that lovely photo is an accurate reflection of some calm serenity that you get to enjoy after such a whirlwind. Project Runway is starting in August, anyone you know this time?

arlene said...

Yea!! So happy to see you're back! Hope you and all is well!!